Welder Pro

Software for Welders' Certificates of Approval & welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) for Windows

  • Based on the harmonized EN welding standards.
  • Modular structure. Delivered including the modules wanted by the client.
  • Software structure can easily be enlarged afterwards by adding new modules and/or licences.
  • Includes about 90 pcs of finished Edge Preparation and Weld Bead figures, which can be added to the Welding Procedure Specification (pWPS/WPS) prints.
  • Welding consumables (by ELGA and ESAB) information list is integrated to the software, including information of about 450 different welding consumables.
  • Includes over 60 different reports, when delivered with all the available modules.
  • Company logo and contact information can be embedded to the reports. 
  • Load WELDER PRO brochure (Hitsari_eng.pdf)
Welder Pro modules

Basic software includes:

Additional modules:

  • Welding Procedure Specifications WPS and pWPS
  • Welding Procedure Approval Record (WPAR), divided to three sections:
    - Proceeding
    - Testing
    - Range of Approval
  • Examination Reports:
    - Visual
    - Radiographic (2 different versions)
    - Ultrasonic
    - Penetration Liquid
    - Magnetic Particle
    - Tensile Test
    - Bend Test
    - Impact Test
    - Hardness Test
    - Macro Test
    - Micro test
  • Projects:
    - For combining project information